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// guitar


Raised on 70's hard rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Rush, Mike started playing electric guitar when he was 13. In high school and college, Mike played in a couple of garage bands with Rich and Ty that barely made it out of the garage (FreeFall, On The Roxx, & The Cronies).  Mike also plays around Wilmington with Seven Rings - an acoustic band that plays a variety of music including Irish and rock. When he's not playing music, Mike works in historic preservation in Delaware and Pennsylvania.


// vocals


Michelle DiMarino, vocalist of Somethin’ Like That, joined the band after a chance encounter at karaoke night.  Heavily influenced by her mom’s record collection, she fell in love with the guitar driven rock and roll of the 60s and 70s.  Michelle then spent a majority of her youth belting out her favorite songs in front of her bedroom mirror, perfecting her Jagger-esque moves, and preparing for the opportunity to join a band.  She began taking voice lessons at age 14 and went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in music at the University of Delaware.  During this time, she focused on learning opera arias and classical repertoire.  Michelle currently works in programming by day and looks forward to kicking out the jams by night.


// drums


Rich likes drums...and meatballs. 



// guitar & keys


Dave plays guitar, keys, synths and backing vocals and is usually responsible for any odd sounds you may hear emanating from the PA. At age 8, his first guitar was from S&H Green stamps and he’s been playing nearly 50 years. He played tenor sax and clarinet and arranged for Wilmington’s premiere big band The Generations in the ‘80s and ‘90s. His influences are Brian May (Queen), Davey Johnstone (The Elton John Band), McCartney & Harrison and Billy Joel. When he’s not aping the tiny nuances that makes Somethin’ Like That songs close to the original you know and love, he works as an immunologist.


// bass


Ty is not his real name, it’s Henry…..long story.  Originally from northern New Jersey (no, he's not a Springsteen fan)  Ty is proud to be able to call Delaware his home for the past 10 years!   He also spent four very happy years in Delaware during the late 1980’s while attending the University of Delaware.  Musically, Ty's favorite time period is the 1960’s and 1970’s with varied tastes ranging from Peter, Paul & Mary to Black Sabbath.  Aside from music, history is one of Ty's greatest passions with the 1920’s -30’s of particular interest.  He enjoys collecting/repairing/resurrecting antiques from this era, especially antique toys.  Ty also has an airline barf bag collection he started as a kid.  Ty sucks at sports and always has, so he lives vicariously through his  kids. They are awesome and always make him proud!  Ty thinks he could live on fried shrimp alone and would love to try. 

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